At Egger Pumps UK, we offer a range of vortex pumps for businesses like yours.

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Egger Pumps is a medium-sized family owned Swiss organisation with workplaces in numerous territories

A key quality element is that the entire creative process (from development through to performance testing) is completed in-house under controlled conditions. 350 well-trained and skilled workers represent the competent expertise of Emile Egger and Cie SA.



Egger Pumps maintains its business in a dependable and always reasonable manner. We make machines and systems (such as slurry pumps) that help our clients extend asset life and decrease atmospheric impact. We play an integral part in the people around us. Egger Pumps UK is a socially mindful organisation. We care for our people - customers, suppliers, employees and the general public around us.

Egger Pumps UK has gained a reputation for solid, superior products, fabricating pump from the most arduous materials to withstand the harshest of conditions. Regularly used underground, submerged underwater, or offshore territories over the globe, their strong design allows them to keep on working consistently at their rated duty for a very long time after installation.

Egger Pumps spread a broad line of items, including surface pumps, vertical sump pump, immersible pumps, control valves, and considerably more. We’re sure we can give you the ideal Egger pump for your particular needs at a magnificent online cost. For more data or in the event that you need support finding a pump, connect with our well-trained client support team today.

The company has grown from its early beginnings over the past 70 years to become a major manufacturer in the Swiss machinery industry. As a result of diligent growth, the company has been able to retain its independence and remains a family business to this day. We aim to stay close to our clients and have formed branches in ten European countries, in Asia, and North America over the years. Plus a network of partners for trading.

In Leatherhead in Surrey, the UK office was established in 1985. Before then Moffat & Bell had successfully served Egger in the UK since 1960, many of the pumps they supplied still run and we still sell spare parts for them.

In 2008, we relocated to Barnsley. Both the UK and Ireland are cared for by us. We provide technical support from this office, manage inquiries and sales of both new pumps, spare parts and offer consultation on applications.

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In the Egger Pumps UK Company, we do what we state, and we state what we do. Our correspondence is transparent amongst ourselves and with our network. We put the realities on the table – even when it's not pleasant to hear. Everybody in Egger pumps has enthusiasm and potential, everybody has the ability to impact and everybody is made to feel like a valued and appreciated team member.

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At Egger Pumps UK, we constantly challenge ourselves to develop a smoother, more efficient process. We invest wholeheartedly in conveying premium quality in all that we do. We show initiative and improve what's to come. We are spearheading solutions for the world's waste water and slurries issues and improving the personal living standards for everyone.

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Egger Pumps UK forms strong bonds through their relations with clients, providers and different partners. We are a worldwide organisation expanding everywhere. We accept that decent variety drives development. We have 'administration accomplices' over the UK who know about our machines and can offer a local back up help to our customers. To be honest it is rare we have any issues; the pumps are just too high quality!